Conference Rooms

High-end Conference Rooms

High-Quality Microphones

The first and most important feature of Conferencing is the quality of audio, with the quality of the video coming in at close second. You can still have a productive meeting without video as long as if you can clearly understand the other participants and they can understand you.

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Specialized Speakers

We use specialized speakers to create a fully immersive sound experience that stays constant no matter where you are sitting in the conference room. This is all possible due to the type of speakers we use, the amplifiers we connect them to and the software we use to configure the speakers.

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Network Configuration

Most of the conference room installation these days are done by underqualified low voltage engineers who are merely experts and connecting the equipment. We are Technology and IT experts, that configure network seperation and security so that your conference room equipment does not degrade the business network and or introduce security risks.

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Conferencing Perfection

As IT and Technology Experts, we do not have to sub-contract the most critical parts of delivering a high quality conference room. Almost all of the integrators out there today, fall short of expectations because they do not have the resources to support, maintain or future develop their conference room solutions because the used another company to do this portion of the work.

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