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Local Backup Appliance

We use a best in class local backup appliance solution. Our backup appliance will backup everything, every hour of every day. It will not only securely store your backups, but it also can act as the host for your entire server infrastructure in a disaster recovery scenario.

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Backup Encryption

All of our local and cloud backup solutions are encrypted and protected from being able to be accessed by any potential internal and external threat. You no longer have to worry about ransomware or any other threat destroying critical backups and keeping you from restoring your data.

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Cloud Backup Synchronization

Daily we sync a new, separate backup of the entire infrastructure to the cloud for safe keeping. This protects your business from things like natural disasters such as floods and fires. We can run your entire network infrastructure from the cloud backups until your office environment is back in working form.

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Backup Redundancy

We have the ability to store separate, individual backups locally and in the cloud indefinitely. We like having the ability to restore things from any point in time that may be needed. That includes entire infrastructure restores all the way down to something as simple as file and folder restores.

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