Camera Security

Camera Security & Prevention

Person & Object Detection

We have developed and built the absolute best Person and Object Detection software that exists. To give you an idea of how good it is, we have put it head to head with the developers of the top VMS software packages, and the closest detection level is still 20% less accurate than ours.

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Determent & Prevention

We are able to do things that no other Camera integrators can do because of the power of our AI Object Detection accuracy. We are able to automate actual siren alarms, lighting systems, and local emergency services notifications. Other systems could not even consider doing these things to prevent incidents from happening because they are too false positive prone.

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Security Consultanting

We act as consultants, to provide other Security Integration companies with the tools and knowledge, to help them achieve the same level of results in detection and prevention. We developed this as not some secret recipe that we hope to keep close guarded. We truly believe in making the industry as a whole better.

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Security Design

Security and Camera Integration companies from around the world, reach out to us when the traditional methods are just not good enough anymore. A majority come from the camera manufacturers themselves. Let us help your company to design or retrofit your current solution to achieve near perfect accuracy and results.

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